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Adrian Abela 6

Adrian Abela (1989, Malta) is an artist, architect, and acolyte. He studied architecture and civil engineering in Malta and Milan and received an MFA in sculpture from UCLA. He currently lives and works in Los Angeles. His work meanders between poetry and metaphor to provide visceral interpretations of his perspective on being on Earth with its multiple histories and possible futures. His endeavors stem from curiosity of encountered materials and/or narratives in the waking and/or dreaming states. He uses science and inspiration to acknowledge that self-awareness and acquisition of knowledge might be illusory and temporary while harboring and forming part of a self-similar system. Together they intertwine their experiences of the complex, through spirit and politics, (the intrinsic and extrinsic, the passive and wilful, the aware and alienated, the present and ignorant); to navigate consensus reality.

SELECTED Exhibition

2023 Oikos Logia, R Gallery, Sliema, Malta

         Theories & Prayers on Concrete, Los Angeles, CA - USA

2018 Forewor(l)d, Make Room, Los Angeles, CA - USA

         Desert Island, MCA, Valletta

         New York, NY - USA

         Every Unlikely Story, Los Angeles, CA - USA


2017 Homo Melitensis, Maltese Pavilion, Venice Biennale

         In Transit: Digital Media Art from Malta, Düsseldorf, Germany


2016 CHARTI, Spazju Kreattiv, Valletta 

2011  Workers' Memorial Building, South Street, La Valletta, Malta

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