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Alexandra Aquilina

Alexandra Aquilina (b. 1987) is a screen printer and creative from Malta. She moved to Berlin in 2015. She graduated in Psychology at the University of Malta while undertaking studies in Fashion and Costume design at the Malta Society of Arts, Manzoni Fashion School and Malta Drama Centre, before focusing on Graphic Design at the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology where she graduated in 2011.


It was during her studies that she was introduced to screen printing, a technique that she taught herself through books and trial and error and later at Print Club, London. Today her profession is that of a screen printer and creative. In the last years, she has been shifting her artistic trajectory from primarily commercial art to fine art, honing her own style, aesthetic and taste to expressing her inner observations. She also is the creator of the three times funded Moon Crystal Tarot - a fully illustrated tarot deck inspired by Sailor Moon and based on A. E. Waite imagery. She also offers screen-printing workshops for beginners. She worked very closely with the Maltese and Berlin music, art and activist scenes having also been in a number of bands and choirs as well as leading the Berlin-Malta Women’s Rights Solidarity group. 

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