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Anna Vonnemann

Anna Vonnemann is a German artist who studied under Franz Erhard Walther at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg.


In her work, Anna Vonnemann explores the concept of repetition, particularly the repetition of complex actions such as painting a picture. She is interested in the variations that occur between repeated actions and seemingly identical results, and seeks to identify the differences and nuances that emerge in the outcomes of these actions.

For Anna Vonnemann, seemingly monotonous repetition contains a wealth of information. She believes that a portrait of a person can never be an representation of that person, but rather a diary of the artist – a description of their development and worldview. When several people create largely identical copies of the same subject, whether it be a portrait or still life, the result is a description of the artists and their respective perspectives on the world, rather than an image of the object itself.

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