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Julien Vinet

Julien Vinet (b. Paris, 1980) is a visual artist currently based in Malta. His work depicts his obsession of senseful contrasts in our daily life as much as the need to renege on the alienating idea of “true” in society or nature. His chiefly monochromatic body of work conveys a kinetic depth, a constantly changing and layered representation of the subject through fragmented and reconstructed line.

The reading of his work is not to be one but multiple, each work encouraging the spectator to consider the idea of truth as a personal chimera, an individual perception of an objective support. The works Julien Vinet creates are mere philosophical extractions, vehicles for a diverse acceptation of the world. 

J.Vinet’s work has been the subject of several solo shows in Japan, France, Germany and Malta, and has participated in a number of international group exhibitions.

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