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Kane Calí

Born in Malta 1983. Kane Cali Studio is a newly established artist studio space set in the midst of the historic city of Valletta situated the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. The space has been set up to allow for facilities centred around cast crystal works and aims to merge the use of cutting edge technologies with that of the traditional. 

Intrigued by science and its ability to further observe systems in nature, he is interested in revisiting this optic language through works such as the Ripple Landscape. This series of works seek to capture the subtly and simplicity of interactions between waves and the complexity that emerges as a result. The use of crystal as the primary medium allows for a harmonious refractive relationship with light, creating brilliantly sophisticated shades of colour and form.

Kane Cali graduated from the prestigious and internationally renowned Royal College of Art in which he specialised in ceramics and glass. Since then he has exhibited internationally in Paris, Milan, London and Shanghai. He has also worked closely with private clients to create site specific bespoke pieces.

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