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Marc Jordi

Marc Jordi (born 1967) is a Swiss architect and artist who lives and works in Berlin, Germany. His artistic work is in sculpture, drawing and photography. Jordi is a partner in the architecture office of Jordi-Keller. He is an advocate of "contextualism" in urban planning which bases the analysis of the surroundings and the history of the location as the foundation for the architectural design.

His work consists of the integration of components from demolished buildings into the new buildings, and is so-called Spolia "virtuoso". In his "Torsi" sculptures he explores the relationship of becoming and decaying as testimony of aging and as a central theme of the creative process. As a photographer he presents a visual artistic attempt to explore the limits of power and size in small formats. His works were presented in exhibitions and architectural competitions in Berlin, Frankfurt and Leipzig and he received many prizes.

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