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Maxine Attard

Maxine Attard (b.1986, Malta) is a visual artist and a graduate of the University of Brighton, U.K. (MA Fine Arts, 2011) and the University of Malta (History of Art, 2008). Attard works in multiple media including works on paper, works on wood and site specific installations. She has had solo shows in Malta – In Between Obliterations at The Mill supported by Gabriel Caruana Foundation (2017) and commissions – Inhabit commissioned by Pjazza Teatru Rjal and funded by the Malta Arts Council (2016). Selected group exhibitions include Bodyless, at the Maritime Museum, Birgu, Malta (2016) and Mediterranea 17, Young Artists Biennale, Milan, Italy (2015). Her work is held in a number of private collections. Attard taught art practice and theory as an assistant lecturer at Mcast Institute for the Creative Arts, Malta (2012-2014).

Carefully constructed geometrical compositions, subtlety of lines, combination of materials, contrast of ‘natural’ and ‘synthetic’ colours and repetition are a few ways of how one can describe the work of Maxine Attard. All of the above however, are only some elements that she begins with each time she starts a new work. Overall, the urge to produce such work stems from Maxine’s constant preoccupation with the insignificance of human existence in the face of the sublime. As a result, her work tackles the void, the nothing and the constant search for meaning through the repetition of mark-making, the order of geometry and the minimal palette of colours and compositions.

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