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Ryan Falzon

Ryan Falzon is an artist hailing from Malta, born in 1988. His artistic pursuits encompass painting, printmaking, and writing. Falzon delves into the realms of contemporary duality, narrative exploration, social media, human interaction, and existential conditions within his vibrant and expressive works. Over the past few years, he has established a distinctive voice and style in the political art scene of Malta, known for his provocative and playful approach. Employing a collage-like technique, Falzon constructs narratives by arranging disparate images, inviting viewers to embark on visual journeys.

Since 2020, Falzon has been passionately working on his Botanica Series, a collection of internal scapes and still lifes that have garnered widespread acclaim from critics. These artworks, influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic, delve into central themes of domestic settings, personal growth, environmental issues, and a biophilic sentiment. In a post-pandemic scenario, Falzon's latest works exhibit a poetic ambiguity, interweaving elements from everyday life, pop culture, the profane, and urban legends. Through the fusion of imagery, text, and symbols, his pieces create subtle and uncertain narratives, framed by raw emotions and a profound sense of existentialism.

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