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zvezdan reljić

Zvezdan Reljić is a Yugoslav-Maltese artist who works primarily in film photography and darkroom printing. He graduated from Graphic Arts School in Belgrade in 1983 with a specialisation in photography reproduction.


Along the way, he has integrated all the new technologies of digital imaging and pre-press but always kept close to heart his love for the printer’s craft.


Leaving behind the turbulent days leading up to the Yugoslav war, Zvezdan Reljić migrated to Malta with his family during the early 90s. Very much a product of a different era, Reljić brings to his work a timeless quality that one struggles to define. An interplay of technical rigour and aesthetic sensibility. His understanding of the medium brought through long years of work, leaves him free to explore his current obsessions with a child-like glee.


Uninhibited by what is or should be, Reljić approaches his subjects with an honest eye, a sensibility that sees the best in his subjects. This sensibility permeates his work and brings out a peaceful and timeless beauty in all of his prints.


JA, JA, JA! is Reljić's first solo show at R gallery, comprising a selection of print works, installations and video work that is at once masterful, riotous and flippant. The show is curated by Julien Vinet. 

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