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Romeo Roxmann Gatt

The multidisciplinary artist’s work encompasses, text, painting, 3D, video, sound, photography, sculpture, installation and performance. Gatt’s research explores sexuality, identity, gender and consumption. Most recently the artist has been working with themes of humanising and interacting with consumer objects. Making the inanimate iconic and fetishised. Mundane aesthetics and the internet become both a tool and a trigger to produce work.







MA in Visual Communication from Royal College of Art (2015)

 BA in Graphic Design at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design (2010-2013)

Lives and works in Malta


Selected Exhibitions 

The wind blows...waves in all directions, Spazju Kreattiv, Valletta, MT

Exchange London, Mimosa House, London, UK

Between Sea and Land, Micas, Valletta, MT

Rear View, Biblioteka, London, UK

When the Moon Waxes Red, Spazju Kreattiv, Valletta, MT

Queer Art Spaces 23,  Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna, AT

AWOL, R Contemporary, Sliema, MT

Carousel, Set Lewisham, London, UK

Traffic, LUVA Gallery, London, UK

Trans Tales for Toxic Times, We are Ugly Duck, London, UK

Shocked Quartz, London, UK

City Entwined, Paradise Row, London, UK

Virile, The House of Barnabas, London, UK


Lilies in the Headlights, WWW

Mama’s Boy, 38, Main Street, Balzan, MT

Being Here, Kupfer, London, UK

Old Friends, New Friends, Collective Ending HQ, London, UK

Sugar Cum Pro “White and Viscous Gold”, out_sight, Seoul, KR

Touch Me, WWW

Behind the Times: A literary arts project, Solo Show, WWW

Strangers in a Strange Land, Muza, Malta, MT

The Real Thing, Fashion Space Gallery, London, UK

Strawberry Hill, Orange Garden, 119 Lupus street, London, UK


But Love Left no Room for Hydration, Ultrastudio, LA

Absinthe §3, Spit and Sawdust, London, UK

Suspended Power, Arcade East, London, UK

4 U, 650mAh, Haus N, Athens, GR

Up is a Relative Concept, Fold, London, UK

Perfiction, Harlesden High Street, London, UK

Here & Now, Valletta contemporary, Malta



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