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12th October - 3rd December 2023


Froġa/Farrago, Sebastian Tanti Burlò’s latest solo exhibition, presents a collection of oil paintings that build on Burlò’s expanding conversation with his perceived surroundings.The varying themes and aesthetics take us across the painter’s experiences living between Siġġiewi, Florence, and London.


13th September -17th September Berlin Art Week 2023

Far Reach

FAR REACH is a vortical act to create and inhibit a world of one’s own - rooted in a desire to reach, standing as a beacon apart from, yet deeply intertwined with, the world around it.

38 artists based in Malta and Berlin reach within their personal geographies, moving beyond fleshed representation to embody, provoke, and resist a world pulsating with contradictions and complexities that weight down to define and box.

In this belief, the works fuse material with the meta and physical, unbounded, to conspire worlds that are alternative, all-encompassing, enveloping and far-reaching.


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June 21st - August 5th 2023

zvezdan reljić: JA, JA, JA! 

In the boundless expanse of artistic genesis, we stand before the luminary Zvezdan Reljić, the mythical progenitor of the cosmic art continuum. From the primordial depths of the void, Reljić emerged as a transdimensional architect, moulding the very fabric of existence into a kaleidoscope of paradoxical formlessness.

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April 20 - June 3 2023

norbert francis attard:
event & being 

Event & Being exists in the echoes of culturally-defining moments that shape contemporary Malta. In this solo show, Norbert Francis Attard objectifies particular aftermaths in the exercise of power by transfixing and immortalizing them as we do in our collective consciousness.

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February 23 - April 8 2023

Group show: oikos logia 

A rich survey of contemporary work exploring the (dys)functional relationship between humans and habitat. By Adrian Abela, Jon Banthorpe, Anna Calleja, Showzen Kajima, Tom Van Malderen, Cyril Sancereau, Ian Schranz, Stefan Spiteri, Ritty Tascum and Sam Vassallo.

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December 12 - January 28 2023

Group show: AWOL

An international group exhibition by Maxine Attard, Charlie Cauchi, Romeo Roxman Gatt and Duška Malešević, whose work is informed by the plethora of interpretations of AWOL (absent without leave). 

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November 10 - December 3 2022

kane cali:
I don't have a theory
i just have a feeling

Detached from an obsessive search for meaning, Kane Cali’s work explores his process driven by emotional response, memory and external stimuli through an organic use of candescent colours and serial repetitions in fragmented, figurative forms.

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September 22 - October 31 2022

julien vinet: error code 8003

If an object only exists through its primary definition, what becomes of it when it is seen by a different, profane, alienated or alien gaze? This is the question that French contemporary artist Julien Vinet contemplates with his solo exhibition Error Code 8003 (id est Malfunction in the system) at R Gallery, a new contemporary art space in Sliema.

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