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norbert francis attard: event & being 

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Norbert Francis Attard THE EVENT,  Archery target puntured by arrows, black frame 20.0 cm diameter 38.0 x 38.0 cm paper 42.1 x 42.1 cm framed

An event does not vanish, but continues to exist into being.

It is not the act of the event that transforms, but the actions that ripple in its consequence.

Event & Being exists in the echoes of culturally-defining moments that shape contemporary Malta. In this solo show, Norbert Francis Attard objectifies particular aftermaths in the exercise of power by transfixing and immortalizing them as we do in our collective consciousness.

Just as Theodor Adorno wrote about art as a simulacrum of life, operated in death, so are these bold impressions presented by Attard: “Artworks […] kill what they objectify, tearing it away from its context of immediacy and real life. They survive because they bring death”.

In this pool of thought, Event & Being births its subject into the physical and unresolved to the test of time, to evolve and expand in nuances and layers of meaning, like memory endlessly corrupting itself with each recollection.

In the spirit of being a cultural connector to broaden the reach of pressing contemporary art in Malta, R Gallery unveils Event & Being as a satellite show of “Soap To Think With” at Gozo Contemporary, situated in Gharb, Gozo.

Event & Being is a solo show of contemporary artist Norbert Francis Attard, curated by Julien Vinet.

Norbert Francis Attard, LOSS III 153 plastic soap boxes, 6mm mdf board sprayed white, white frame 79.0 x 110.0 cm unframed 95.5 x 126.5 cm framed Unique 2022

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