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kane cali: i don't have a theory i just have a feeling

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I don’t have a theory; I just have a feeling is a fleeting act of liberation. It is a creative catharsis, away from viewing living as a problem to be solved, and therefore relying exclusively on our ideas to set us free, towards witnessing living as a situation to be experienced and interacted with, in which feelings, spontaneity and instinct are sublimated.

Detached from an obsessive search for meaning, Kane Cali’s work explores his process driven by feeling, memory and external stimuli through an organic use of candescent colours and serial repetitions in fragmented, figurative forms.

Away from theoretic rigidity often celebrated in Western contemporary art, Cali chooses to give in to involuntary happenings, bearing witness to the naivety of the creative process, in spite of the artist’s methodical use of technological media.

The show was held on 10th November until December 3rd, 2022. 

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