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MAtthew Attard

Matthew is a current practice-based PhD candidate at the School of Design, Edinburgh College of Art of the University of Edinburgh, funded by the Malta Arts Scholarship scheme. His research is actively exploring methods of drawing-with eye-tracking technology. 

Matthew is strongly interested in situating his practice within the realm of contemporary drawing through a multimedia approach that highlights drawing’s versatile, performative, and time-based nature. His drawing projects involve some of the following themes and concepts: the extension of the line within 3D spaces; the overlaying of multiple viewpoints; the datafication of the line; drawing-with technology; notions of seeing and looking; technological embodiment; the subversion of data (and other technological aspects); socio-political conversations; and the contemporary representation of ourselves.

Matthew Attard will be representing Malta with his solo pavillion for the 60th Venice Biennale 2024





Malta, 1987

PhD candidate at the School of Design, Edinburgh College of Art of the University of Edinburgh, 2023

Lives and works in Malta



 All These Fleeting Perfections – EXPOSED in partnership with Artissima – curated by Domenico Quaranta, Biblioteca civica Alberto Geisser, Turin

Press launch for I WILL FOLLOW THE SHIP – Malta Pavilion for the 60th Venice Biennale, Arts Council Malta

Premio Montani Tesei – Art Verona 2023, Galleria Michela Rizzo Stand

In Search of Line – curated by Sarah Chircop – Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti, Victor Pasmore Gallery, Valletta, Malta


Far Reach, Mahalla Berlin, R Gallery 

Fragments of a Legacy – curated by the Malta Society of Arts, Valletta, Malta

BOLOH – curated by Studio Solipsis, Rabat, Malta

Between Sea and Land – curated by Jo Baring, MICAS digital

Ship of Fools – Gall
eria Michela Rizzo, Venice

On Reefs And Eroded Lands We Danced – Stage Design for ZfinMalta

Europe doesn’t fall from the sky – Fondazione Imago Mundi, Treviso

Here’s How I Did Not See What You Wanted Me To See, OPEN Digital Residency – Blitz, Valletta

Translate – curated by Gianluca Cappellazzo, Associazione 21, Lodi


Selected Exhibitions 

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